Friday, March 23, 2007

The Most Boring Post Ever

This post will be boring. This is the other half of filmmaking, and its much less appealing than crawling around on my hands and knees in the mud, in a dark, uncomfortable crack in the rock, a mile underground. But its as important as getting the footage.

This week, I started fundraising.

I hate asking my friends and family for money, but the film won't go forward if I don't. It's ugly. It's dirty. It's uncomfortable. But until I win the lottery, there's no way to make the film without it.

I need to go to Nevada to film the Nevada State Mining Championships over Memorial Day weekend. And I need to go back to Yerrington to film another interview with Hugh. These two shoots are key to the film, and the last two ingredients that I need in order to cut together a promotional trailer to bring to Foundations and other large-scale funders.

This is all going to cost a little less than $3,000. Which is about $3,200 more than I have right now.

So I sent a handful of emails out, and I will continue sending them out handful by handful. If you haven't had a note on the subject yet, don't worry. You will. Or you can head me off at the pass by sending a check to Wicked Delicate Films, at:

65 Old Harbor Street,
South Boston, MA 02127

Just make sure you put a note on it that it is for A Miner's Luck, and it will probably be a good idea to send me a note so that I can expect it. Those of you who would benefit from a tax deduction on donations, let me know that also. I can make arrangements for this donation to be made through a tax exempt fiscal sponsor.

And thanks to Ella, who was the first person to donate, in spite of the fact that I told her med students are exempt. She promised me a check for $25, and, maybe more important, wrote me some encourging words.

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LuckFactor said...

And can you imagine my surprise when her check came and it wasn't $25, but $40. Ella's the best ever.