Friday, March 30, 2007

I have an intern, which is new and exciting. She's into the editing aspect of film and has been reviewing the footage I have already shot with an eye to how to cut together a thrilling trailer. She's smart and has a good eye. And she didn't bat an eyelash when I told her that we were going to cut a trailer now with the footage that I have so far and some footage of Nevada that hasn't been shot yet. And she has actual credentials in filmmaking. She graduated from Yale with a degree in film.

Other than that, a pretty uneventful week -- a little fundraising, which has been going pretty well, a little institutional capacity building and some planning for my trip back North to film the Nevada State Mining Championships.

Rather than bore you some more, I'm going to post a few pics.

The answer to the obvious question you are about to ask about the first picture is in the little blue bottle. CEIBO alchohol. The drink of choice for cooperativistas at carnaval... or any other time for that matter.

This is what Carnaval is basically about to me. The little bit of a rainbow over the rough edges of a hard life.

Lode Star Gold. Of course in Bolivia, this truck would be valued because it could get you home rather than because it's an antique. Doesn't have anything to do with the documentary, but it's a beautiful truck.

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