Sunday, September 7, 2008


Went to see a movie with a great friend from high school. We saw a documentary about the french guy who tight-rope walked between the twin towers in 1974, when they were finishing up the construction of them. Wild story. Beautiful documentary.

What struck me though, is that my friend, who lives a yuppy life in DC and is working for the government, etc. and I had such different reactions to it. I think it says a lot about where each of us is, not just in our personal lives, but also where each of us lives and what we see on a daily basis ... what advertisements we see, what news filters into our heads, how the people act around us and all of those intangibles that are around us all the time.

I saw the film and I saw a story about aging, about moments in our lives that we can never go back to, about changing, and, to a certain extent, about healing. I saw a blueprint for dealing with our national sorrow and reaction to the attacks on the twin towers and a path for healing.

He saw a blueprint for planning a terrorist attack.

It may not be a conspiracy, but it's no coincidence.

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