Monday, May 12, 2008

State Aparatuses

so I'm trying to get my residency done, which according to everyone I know except the consul in Peru, requires leaving Bolivia to the nearest consul's office (in Puno, Peru). At any rate I've been stymied

But it's given me the chance to read some of the Anthology of Anthropology of the State that I recently copied from a La Paz city council member, I'm currently on the reading an Essay by Luis Althusser, who is talking about the difference between Ideological State Aparatuses and Repressive State Aparatuses. Repressive State Aparatuses being things like police and army and courts and most of the things that one usually thinks of as the State, and Ideological State Aparatuses being things like family, religion, trade unions, political parties, etc.

Haven't gotten to the part where he gets into what might be behind the Ideological State Aparatuses, but I have an idea or two.

So I've been taking advantage of my time here in Puno, walking around, being a tourist. I walked up Condor hill, where there is a very good and lifelike statue of condor on one side, and a big blue glass cross on the other. From there I strolled down through the old section of town, where the nice old houses are and to the church, which is an enormous and intimidating cavern with a hugh ceiling and dome. imagining what sort of awe you were meant to feel when you walk into a building like that. The whole time pondering relationships between the various kinds of state aparatuses and contemplating the question that has been plaguing me for some time, namely whether the government of Bolivia wants me to get out of the country or to get married.

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